4-way cassette unit design panel

The perfect blend of premium climate-control technology and sleek aesthetics

Silent, yet, Iconic. The perfect blend of premium climate-control technology and sleek aesthetics

It’s time to rethink air conditioning and create a space that is truly "iconic".

The need for high quality, functional and reliable systems is a must when selecting the right indoor cooling & heating solution for your environment. However, there is room for a premium product that is as satisfying in appearance as it is in technical qualities. This led us to develop Silent-Iconic -- the 4-way cassette unit design panel that’s not been seen before.

  • Visually silent features of Silent-Iconic rival that of ducted-concealed style units - ideal for contemporary and modern environments
  • The award-winning design maintains the cost benefits of a traditional unit, with a premium finish
  • Compatible with the indoor 4-way cassette unit (RCI-FSRP) 

A unique, award-winning air conditioner that looks great

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The four flaps of the Silent-Iconic™ are crafted to reduce their visual impact, yet maintain precise airflow control. To further minimise the appearance of the cassette, the central inlet of the unit is louvred so it integrates perfectly into the ceiling. 

These innovative adjustments applied to the classic cassette mean that air vents are now tastefully hidden and integrates seamlessly into the overall look and feel of the interior environment.

The Silent-Iconic is a product that has been recognised for design excellence, receiving the iF Design Award 2020 (Discipline: Product), one of the most prestigious competitions held by the iF International Forum Design GmbH.


Create a “silent” space to maximise the experience 

Interior design is fundamental in all commercial environments and has a significant impact on the customer’s enjoyment of them; restaurants, shops and specialized clinics with sleek and modern concepts need climate control solutions that match.

Until now, it’s been common for design-orientated buildings to adopt ducted-concealed style indoor units because they are visibly less disruptive and easier to integrate. For architects and interior designers, the Silent-Iconic cassette offers a brand new option that is “visually silent”, and that does not interfere with the look and feel of the interior.


Interested in the Silent-Iconic design panel?

If you’re interested in the Silent-Iconic™4-way cassette unit design panel, find out more about the Hitachi Cooling & Heating units it is compatible with and which is the best solution for your needs. Please contact us to find out availability in your area.

And note that you can also see this product live in our Customer Experience Center located at Shimuzu,Japan. An extensive 500 square meter showroom to see, interact and learn about the latest Hitachi Cooling & Heating products for the Japanese and worldwide markets.

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