airCloud Home - wifi control for your air conditioner

airCloud Home Wifi Control


airCloud Home is a user-friendly interface that lets you create comfort directly from your smartphone and can be connected with your smart speaker. It is fully-compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling you to change the temperature hands-free while you cook, clean, work or exercise. Visit our airCloud Home product page for more details on how it connects seamlessly to your Hitachi air conditioner.


airCloud Home is now available and is compatible with the following Hitachi residential range air conditioners:

Hitachi Wallmounted Systems

» E-Series (all models)

» S-Series (all models)


Hitachi Ducted Systems

» RAD-E Mid Static Ducted Systems (RAD-E50YHA | RAD-E60YHA | RAD-E70YHA)


Hitachi Cassette Systems 

» RAI-E Compact Cassettes (RAI-E50YHA | RAI-E60YHA)



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20 May 2020

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