Cassette units

RCI/RAS 950X950 four way cassette

Four-way airflow cassettes (concealed within ceiling cavities) are an economical and effective way of air conditioning open areas with high occupancy or traffic.


Designed to detect the amount of human activity within a particular space, the optional motion sensor is an integral component of the optional energy-saving technology.

Individual control setting for each louver

The new structured silky flow louver is
designed to reduce the discomfort caused
by temperature irregularity and cold drafts.


A fully-programmable 7-day timer offers the ability to switch units on and off automatically to conserve power when rooms are unoccupied.

Units are able to accept external control inputs such as remote stop/start, fire alarm, and external thermostat.

System outputs including fault conditions, mode (heat/cool), and thermostat on are also available.


With 5yr warranty backed by one of Australia's largest manufacturers Temperzone Australia
you will always have peace of mind.

Drain pump

An internal low-voltage drain pump (850mm lift)
removes accumulated condensate from the drain pan



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