Air and water cooled Chillers

RCME and RHME cool only & Heat pump air cooled chillers

The HITACHI chiller range incorporates a new twin screw
compressor optimized for R134a refrigerant and the latest
development of HITACHI’s screw compressor technology
with the HITACHI’s Infinity Capacity Control from 25% to

Screw compressor technology

HITACHI’s Infinity Capacity Control from 25% to 100%.
With this modulation, the compressor load is always
matching with the requested load, and thus accurate chilled
water temperature is achieved without expensive inverter

Intuative display

Each HITACHI module of RCME-AH2 and RHME-AH2 series
are equipped with a user-friendly colour touch panel which
- Unit parameters like unit status, cycle temperatures and pressures,
compressor running hours, alarm codes and descriptions, etc…
Set the unit configuration:
- Water outlet temperature, high efficiency mode, etc…
for adapting the unit to each specific application
optimising the performance of the unit.



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