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S-Series Wireless Controller (SPX-RCKA2)

Premium 7 Day Wireless Remote Controller
for use with S-Series wall mounted air conditioners

Premium 7 Day Wireless Remote Controller
for use with S-Series wall mounted air conditioners

Dehumidifying Function

When the room temperature is higher than the temperature setting: the device will dehumidify the room, reducing the room temperature to the preset level.

When the room temperature is lower than the temperature setting: Dehumidifying will be performed at the temperature setting slightly lower than the current room temperature, regardless of the temperature setting.

Powerful Operation

By pressing the Powerful button, the air conditioner performs at its maximum power to cool or heat the room quickly.

Powerful operation runs for 20 minutes before automatically returning to the previous settings prior to Powerful mode being turned on.

Leave Home Setting

Leave Home operation prevents the room temperature from falling too much when no one is at home. The initial setting temperature is 10°C and the temperature range can be set between 10°C and 16°C

This operation can operate by “continuous operation” or “Day timer operation”. Day Timer operation allows to set the number of days up to 99 days.

ECO Operation

There are two kinds of ECO Operation:

1. ECO Operation without Sensor
An energy saving function by changing set temperature automatically and by limiting the maximum power consumption value.

2. ECO Operation with Sensor
Detects the presence of people in the room. When no one is detected, the unit automatically starts energy saving operation by shifting the set temperature in two steps.

When the presence of people is not detected for 20 minutes, the set temperature is automatically shifted for energy saving. If no human presence for 60 minutes, the set temperature is shifted further.

The unit returns to normal operation when the sensor detects human movement.

Clean (One Touch Clean)

Dries the indoor heat exchanger after cooling operation to prevent mildew.

The total time taken for One Touch Clean operation is 60 minutes, during this time, the operation lamp will blink.

Once the “Clean” operation has finished, the unit will switch OFF automatically.

Eco Sleep Timer Operation

With Eco Sleep Timer operation, the unit shifts the room temperature and reduces the fan speed which results in energy saving.

The level of energy consumption depends on outside temperature, room temperature, set temperature.

30 minutes after setting ECO Sleep Timer, the outdoor fan speed will be reduced to lower the noise level and allow comfort operation.

1 hour after setting ECO Sleep Timer, the set temperature will be slightly shifted.

Weekly Timer Operation

Set up to 6 on/off time and temperature settings for each day of the week.

Preset two seven-day schedules [mode A & B] and choose the desired schedule as required e.g winter and summer.

Setting ON TIMER or OFF TIMER for each program number can be random. Each program number will automatically arrange, so that, number 1 will have the earliest time and program number 6 will have the latest time.



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