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SPX-RCKA2 Premium Wireless Remote

Premium 7 Day Wireless Remote Controller

Premium 7 Day Wireless Remote Controller

Dehumidifying Function

When the room temperature is higher than the temperature setting: the device will dehumidify the room, reducing the room temperature to the preset level.

When the room temperature is lower than the temperature setting: Dehumidifying will be performed at the temperature setting slightly lower than the current room temperature, regardless of the temperature setting.

Powerful Operation

By pressing the [POWERFUL] button, the air conditioner performs at its maximum power to cool or heat the room quickly.

POWERFUL operation runs for 20 minutes before automatically returning to the previous settings prior to POWERFUL mode being turned on.

'Leave Home' Setting

Leave Home operation prevents the room temperature from falling too much when no one is at home. The initial setting temperature is 10°C and the temperature range can be set between 10°C and 16°C

This operation can operate by “continuous operation” or “Day timer operation”. Day Timer operation allows to set the number of days up to 99 days.



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