Multi-Zone Systems

RAM Multi Split Systems (R32)

R32 low GWP refrigerant for residential and commercial use. Heat or cool up to five indoor spaces with a single multi split outdoor unit.

R32 low GWP refrigerant for residential and commercial use. Heat or cool up to five indoor spaces with a single multi split outdoor unit.

Flexibility in design

Multizone systems enable you to choose from a range of indoor unit types.

You can individually select the temperature for each area, helping you create the perfect harmonious living environment.

Low GWP R32 Refrigerant

Air conditioners work using a refrigerant gas inside the system.

Adopting R32 refrigerant helps you contribute to a more sustainable world, whilst enabling you to enjoy the same comfort benefits.

The Multizone system delivers highly efficient cooling and heating with environmentally friendly low GWP R32 Refrigerant.

Good for you, better for the planet.

Hitachi Cooling & Heating delivers superior performance, longevity and comfort with our range of R32 air conditioners.

Since 2013, Hitachi air conditioning units with R32 have been supplied to over 40 countries.

The benefits of R32 include:

»  3 times less impact on global warming*
»  Reduction of CO2 emissions
»  Excellent thermal properties
»  Higher volumetric capacity
»  Lower refrigerant charge
»  Contributes to air conditioning energy efficiency
»  Safety approved

*GWP of R32: 650 | GWP of R410A: 2,088

Multiple Models

You can mix models, letting you choose the best option for the space: wall or floor mounted, ducted or cassette.

Active Carbon Air Filtration

Wall Mounted units feature our cutting-edge Active Carbon air-purifying filter that is proven to effectively capture and neutralise germs, bacteria, allergens, mould and odours.

All Hitachi indoor units feature a washable pre-filter that absorbs and collects larger dust and pollen particles.

Premium Wireless Controller

A premium wireless remote comes standard with wall mounts and floor mounted units.

- Track power consumption
- 24/7 programmable timer
- Eco mode
- Sleep mode
- Powerful mode
- Leave home function

Half Sized Wired Controller

Optional for all indoor unit types.

- Room temperature indication
- 24-hour timer
- Sleep Mode

Wifi Control for your Hitachi air conditioner

Installing the optional airCloud Home wifi controller* will give you the ability to control your air conditioner from your smartphone via the airCloud Home app.

Operate your Hitachi air conditioner when you're away from home, adjust the temperature and fan speed and set custom schedules.

* Optional Accessory

Compact Outdoor Units with energy efficient features

Hitachi Multizone outdoor units have a small footprint, so can be applied to a wide range of residential and commercial applications where space is an issue.

Hibernate mode will reduce your air conditioner's standby mode by 70%. This is achieved through the shut down of non-active components.

Hitachi DC inverter compressors achieve improved energy savings through vector control, which optimises compressor operation for higher performance and lower noise levels.

Peace of Mind.

With a five-year warranty and backed by one of Australia's largest manufacturers, Temperzone Australia -- you will always have peace of mind.



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